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From the Greek Island to Indianapolis without any stop , we open our Special restaurant with our special food . Money back guarantee if you don't like our food , and if you tasted at any other place . Our food is Unique, tasty, and make any one taste it fly to Greece and smell the Greek air. We don't offer only a food but also a story and sometimes history. Our marinated is a secret we take it generation to generation so we are sure when you try our food you have to come back  and you will twit to all your family and friends to visit us .
Our Benefit is not only money but also to let our customers happy and satisfy and put a good review to Peto's restaurant .
Gyros , it is not a sandwich ! yes , in Greek language Gyro ( Yero) is the machine of doner Kebab and chicken !!! no place here in Indiana made this Doner Kebab or Chicken , You will taste something different , the bread is different , we have three kind of bread French baguette , German bread and even the pita is different .
you will enjoy our salad and dessert as well .
Come and invite your friend